AREAi, Coca-Cola Foundation celebrates Global Recycling Day 2021

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A Non-Governmental Organization, Aid for Rural Education Access Initiative (AREAi) on Saturday, the 20th 0f March observed the 2021 Global Recycling Day with a call for all stakeholders to not only reduce waste and increase recycling, but also to view recyclables as a resource, and not waste. This year’s observance of the “Global Recycling Day” was commemorated under the Mission Zero Plastic Initiative, an ambitious plastic recovery drive, funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation, which seeks to curb plastic pollution in 6 States across Nigeria through recovery and repurposing of 600 tons, over 18,000,000 PET Bottles in 12 months. 

Over 650 young Community Recycling champions were mobilized across multiple locations in 6 States (Kano, Kwara, Kaduna, Oyo, Yobe and FCT) to promote recycling culture in their communities through coordinated cleanup activities in locations with high rates of plastic waste as  well as awareness raising on the harmful effect of plastic pollution on the environment and distribution of public recycling bins. About 30,000 PET bottles equivalent to 1200kg or 1.3 tons of plastic waste were recovered.  

In his remarks, the Chief Executive Director, AREAi, Prince Gideon Olanrewaju says: “The goal for Global Recycling Day is to show the world that recycling is a global issue, the environment is a global issue and this day celebrates that and pushes us all – wherever we live – to do more. Thankfully with the funding support of the Coca- Cola Foundation, we have been able to contribute to various local efforts to reduce plastic pollution in our various communities. In the coming months, other strategies geared towards the implementation of the Mission Zero Plastic project will be carried out with the 600 Community Recycling Champions who are foot soldiers voluntarily providing concise coordination, support and oversight functions for all of the processes within allotted states.